Welcome to Surfhouse Property Staging!  

Hi I’m Karen, the founder of Surfhouse. 
I started ‘Surfhouse’ when looking for a property for myself with no luck. 
I love property and interior styling and nothing caught my eye or gave me that feeling of wanting to know more. 
During this time, even though the property market was booming I became aware that many properties were just not selling and as I watched over time, I saw them drastically reduced in price, with still no sale. I knew why. 
Building Surfhouse as a business during a pandemic, from a small desk in the corner of the bedroom, was not easy and with the lifestyle changes that the pandemic created we had a lot of thinking to do. 
The time at home re-emphasised that great interiors do matter, and creating multi-functional spaces, showing how rooms can be used for the different ways of working and living we have, is one of our primary aims. 
Our services have evolved and we are proud to be able to offer not only home staging and property styling but a new interior design service too 

Why Surfhouse?  

Simply put, Surfhouse is a feeling; being able to close the door and be in a space that is uniquely yours is special and ‘Surfhouse’ epitomises that for us. 
Thank you for all your interest in Surfhouse Property Staging! We can’t wait to work with you! 

Meet The Team  



Our founder and head of all things design and staging. 
Having studied interior design, interior styling and property strategies Karen turned her passion into a way to help investors, developers and homeowners achieve their property goals. 
For Karen it is not just about making properties pretty (which of course she does!) it is about understanding each client and working with them to get results. 
It is no surprise that Karen drives around with a high vis jacket and a hard hat permanently in her car, as she is as happy on a building site advising and consulting as she is reviewing trends, creating designs and dressing fabulous rooms. 


Our head of marketing and all things digital. 
With a passion for helping businesses maximise their exposure through social media and advertising, Katie joined our team to create our impactful presence in the property staging world. 
Katie has a similar interest in interior design and styling, and through this is dedicated to understanding the unique essence of each property and reflecting this in every project. 

Our Purpose, Mission and Values  

Our Purpose: (our why) 
To maximise the value of the properties we work in. 
Our Mission: (it’s what we get up every day and do!)  
To provide great designs, that showcase the true potential of every room we work in 
Our Values: ( what we believe in) 
Keep the client’s goal in mind 
Focus on the customer 
Be obsessed with the end result 
Know that great is not good enough - we want ‘wow’! 
The devil is in the detail 
Nothing stops until the task is done 
Being calm and casual does not mean sloppy 
Always give the best advice 
Value the skills and knowledge of others 
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